Onside Sports designed a one-month campaign on our client’s (Golf GameBook) live scoring App platform for IG (online trading company), which was designed to generate awareness of the IG brand, product and services and to engage with the niche golf audience in a fun and innovative way.

The campaign utilised a specific ‘measure your shot’ feature within the App, that encouraged golfers to measure their best drive, which would then be converted at the end of the campaign into ‘US$' of trading credit on IG’s online trading platform.

The campaign featured strategic advert placements (within the App) that kept players constantly aware of the IG brand, product and services. Additional adverts and brand placements were delivered within the in-built social media platform and also through external channels such as Facebook, Twitter and direct emailers to GameBook Users.

Over 1,800 unique UAE golfers were reached throughout the campaign, delivering 4,100 rounds of golf, 32,800 full screen advert views (direct to players mobile devices whilst they played golf), 12,500 views within the in-built social feed and over 15,000 views throughout external channels.